Manufacturer and Exporters of Briquetting Press Machine

  • The company

    Shree Khodiyar Engineering Works is located at the city of Rajkot, an industrial hub in the state of Gujarat –India. The company started its business as a vendor for the critical components to the other briquetting press machine manufacturers before one and a half decade. Started producing the briquetting press machines of its own brand a decade back. Experience of the fifteen years for the manufacturing and the operations of the machine put to gather in manufacturing and the outcome is state-of-the-art briquetting press machine and matchless after sales service.

  • The Technology

    The technology on which our press machines working is a binder less technology. No chemicals are required to form the briquettes. A set of conveyors feed the raw material into the pressure chamber of the press and the particles of the raw material pressed to gather by high compression process to form the briquette with the help of the inherent properties of the raw material itself.

  • The infrastructure

    After a decade in the manufacturing the briquetting press machine it is needless to say that we are well equipped with almost all the manufacturing facilities within our premises. We prefer to focus more on the after sales service that is more important to our valued customer than our manufacturing facilities. Our technical team is always in the fields to solve service related issues before they occur! We always try to keep the existing presses running with best performance by providing excellent services to the client, and in return they bring us new clients.

  • The Product

    Mechanical Ram type of Briquetting press manufacturing is our expertise. Three main models Sk-6000, SK-7000 and Sk-9000 are for 60, 70, and 90 mm diameter briquettes respectively. All the models are designed to run nonstop with a preventive maintenance schedule program to avoid unwanted break-downs. We are proud to have all the clients who are getting more from the press machines than our commitments. We also manufacture the project related equipments/ machines like, Driers, Cutter machines and Hammer mills

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